Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Dreary, Drizzly Day

Yesterday it rained & rained & then rained some more.
The south field is beginning to
look like a large pond.

Today it has turned to a freezing drizzle.  Hopefully the ice build-up will be minor.  We have enough electrical problems around here recently without Mother Nature adding to them.

The only way to deal with this type of day is soup & knitting.  I put a huge kettle of beans on to simmer.  Great way to use up that Christmas ham bone that was taking up space in my freezer. (To all friends who don't eat meat, pork or beans, don't look!) My recipe for the beans: Soak them overnight, drain & rinse, cover with a few inches of fresh water, add the seasonings you prefer (I just use salt & pepper), diced onions and a ham bone.  Simmer all day on low.  I usually make a huge kettle full with about 4 lbs of dry beans.  I then freeze the soup in gallon zip bags for nights when I am in a hurry.

I am working on a new design series.
I hope to be able to share details with you soon.

In my spare time (hahahahahah) I am working on a couple of personal knitting projects.  One is a KAL with a favorite designer of mine, FickleKnitter.  I will share more on that the next time.  She deserves a post of her own.  I also am planning a future blog about the Jknit app.  I have become a fan.
The yarn is La Jolla by Baah Yarn.  Lovely colorways.

I got on a hat kick during the holidays.  I made this for my grandson Liam.

His PopPop liked it so much he requested one too.  I need to take a picture of the two of them in their matching train hats.

 I will probably have the pattern up on Ravelry soon.

Fiber Closet knit group X-mas party.

I run everything by my local knit group & if they
seem interested, I deem it worthy to go ahead
 with the pattern.

I am feeling the pull from my knitting nest by the window so I will close for today with a picture of my
" view from the knit nest".

Peaceful Sunday to all!!

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