Sunday, March 10, 2013

Baby Surprise Jacket Challenge

I work much better under pressure.  Otherwise, I tend to spend too much time on the internet, reading, dreaming or just generally wasting time.  So I created a nice little challenge for myself.  Let me start at the beginning.

I made a sweet little blue & white with blue teddy bear buttons Baby Surprise Jacket (BSJ) for Max.

When I tried it on him he looked so adorable!

While I was cooing over him....Liam looked at me with those big beautiful eyes that said "Nana, where is my sweater?"

Lily even wore Max's sweater around like a little shrug.
Then she insisted on wearing my sweater around for a bit.

So naturally I told them I would make them each one too.  I mean sweaters for grandkids are a must, right??

This is where my crazy kicks in.  I thought...."Oh, how cute would they look in matching little BSJ's for Easter pictures."  I knew I could get the same yarn in pink & green at The Fiber Closet.  BSJ's are quick, fun little knits.  So this would be a piece of cake.  Somewhere in the back of my mind the sane part was trying to tell me that Easter is early this year but I am very good at ignoring her.

So I decided I could totally do this but I might need a little help focusing.  That's where you come in.  If I post this all over Facebook, Twitter & the Blog.....I will have to be accountable.  I will have to finish on time!!

Mira Shawl by Michelle Miller FickleKnitter
Yarn is LaJolla by Baah Yarn
You will be there in the background (or in my face) saying ....  "Put that Mira Shawl down.  You didn't finish the JKnit / FickleKnitter  JKal on time so why are you trying to knit on it now. Get back to the business at hand!"  (Here is a quick pic of it...more on this in a separate post)

"This is not the time to organize the stash!  Quit stalling"

"Why are you playing around on the internet?  Don't you have baby knits to finish?"  You see, it is all about making myself accountable.

College Basketball March Madness is nearly upon us.  I plan to spend lots of time watching & rooting for my favorite teams.  A BSJ is certainly simple enough for me to knit while watching sports on tv.  See how this is all coming together?  It's like it was meant to be.

So I am off to knit a bit.  I started yesterday....twice.  Seems I can knit just fine but have trouble counting??
I will keep you posted on my progress and if you see me on FB or Twitter too much....Tell me to

"Get back to work!"

Edited to add:  Feel free to knit along with me.  Don't you have someone who needs a BSJ?


  1. Imagine that I would be doing another BSJ. I just found out that a friend's daughter had another baby. I made the first baby a pink and brown striped one (one of my Ravelry projects). I am on row 78. I am using some stash yarn. I am addicted to them and SOCKS!!!

  2. Hmmm. pink & SOCKS!!! Not very anonymous if you ask me. haha.