Friday, September 28, 2012

New Focus?

So, here's the deal.  I seem to really suck at having to write about specific events.

This is obvious by how much I didn't write about over the summer. I could have told you all about the Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival, my daughters wedding & PhD ceremony, TNNA, family celebrations, the birth of a new grandbaby, designing, knitting, weaving, etc. Now I had no one telling me what I had to write.  I just thought that was the direction I wanted to go.  Apparently I was wrong.

Therefore, I think I am going to just start putting up random daily posts about whatever crosses my mind while I am typing.  That way ya'll can see just how wacky & crazy my daily life is....or how boring.

This image is pretty accurate on my feelings about cleaning.
So on with the show for today.

Today I cleaned and organized myself a bit.  

The annual Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County Indiana starts 2 weeks from today.  I have a booth there (behind the Fiber Closet, in Rockville).  So far I don't have that much to display/sell in it.  I need to put in some serious crafting time to be ready.  Today was about getting my self ready for the big push to get everything done.  I always say I work best under pressure.  We will see.

I hope to just post a little something everyday.  Maybe a bit of a countdown to the start of the festival.  Let me know if you are enjoying any of it.

It should be a fun time.


Ps.  You are NOT off the hook on all those  pictures & stories about my summer.  It's just that you will get to read them when that is what my mind is thinking about. But here are a couple of tidbits that were on my mind today.

Easy Peasy Mac & Cheese

Layer these in order in a 9x13 pan

2 cups of dry macaroni
1 stick of butter/oleo cut into pats
1 handful of mozzarella cheese
2 handfuls of shredded cojack cheese (or your favorite)
About 5 cups of milk

Bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees.


Pictures of a recent lunch outing with Liam ( 1 yr old )

"Really Nana, We're at Steak & Shake & you gave me crackers??"

I will smile for chili & fries!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Summer Part 2

Next up I was at  The Fiber Event  along with Cheryl Moreo from the Fiber Closet.

The Fiber Event in Greencastle, IN is a favorite for me as it is close enough to drive home every evening. It's also usually the first bigger show where I can visit & catch up with other vendors to find out what they have been up to over the winter and what their new products are.  It's always fun to meet up with Carol Wagner of Hidden Valley Farm and her cohort.  This is also the first show where I have the opportunity to spend way, way too much money ( if that's possible ) while visiting with Kimber & Ellie.  Kimber is the owner of Fiber Optics Yarn & Kimber Baldwin Designs.  Her yarn comes in the most vibrant, exciting colors.  You have to see them in person to get the entire "retina searing" effect.

I also picked up a copy of "Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett from Kimber.  This is a wonderful picture book for children.  My granddaughter absolutely loves it.   We read it every time she visits.  It's a nice addition to any fiber person library whether you have children around or not.

The year the weather was pretty good for Indiana in the spring.  Just 1 quick shower.  No floods, snow, wind etc.  Nice change from recent years. The Fiber Event is a fairly large show.  It has three buildings of fibery fun, lots of interesting classes and a very nice mix of products.  This year I added KnitPicks needles & notions, dellaQ bags, Soak wash & Heel foot cream to my line of handwovens, hand knits and felted items.  This gives me a broader base for the shows where the average customer is more interested in making their own fiber crafts than purchasing ready made items.  It was a good show for us this year.  We plan to be back next year.  Look us up!