Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Reason I Have Been Absent from the Blog

I realize I have been missing in action from the blog.
I should have posted a quick blurb explaining why ..... But I didn't.  So what follows is the condensed version.  

I Moved My Studio!!!

I am now located in the back of 

"The Yarn Shop on the Square"
120 S. Market St.
Rockville, IN 47872

This came about rather abruptly when Cheryl moved The Fiber Closet from her home to the new location on the square.  As I way of helping her out and increasing my productivity, I moved my studio into the back room.  All classes and activities that were located in my former space are still available in the new studio.

As an added bonus, The Fiber Closet is currently open 7 days a week. This works out well for me because if you wish to purchase any of my products, chances are you can make it into Rockville much easier than you could catch me at the home studio.   

I have been crazy busy helping her move & set up the new shop. So far I have only moved 2 looms in but expect to get the rest in this fall. I seem to be much more inspired by being located near all the fiber.  I especially love dye days when I can watch all the magic happen from my desk.

Also during this time frame I attended TNNA. The National Needles Arts summer show was in Columbus, OH in mid June.  As always, I had the best of times.  I love seeing all the new products coming out soon.  I took a couple of classes and attended a few events that I will tell you about soon.

We made a trip to SanFrancisco to visit Emily & Chris.  

Required trip to ImagiKnit

We celebrated a couple of very important birthdays in July.  Lily (4) and Liam (2) each got to spend a special day with Nana & Pop Pop.  There was toy shopping, special dinners, movies.  I am not sure who had more fun, the kids or us.  I do know who wore out!

Ok, That was the short ( haha) recap of my life recently.  Hopefully I will be back soon with more details on TNNA, the TKGA show in Indy and Stitches Midwest in Schaumburg

On the needles:
A vest for The Fiber Closet KAL
A Duo Shawlette
Swatches for several upcoming classes
Various UFO projects currently in hiding

Be kind! Be tolerant,
and as always......
Live a creative life!!