Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A New Generation

The next generation of fiber artists and great cooks 
in our family is well on its way.

Wearing her favorite fuzzy needle-felted hat.

Why are these treadles so far away???

Perhaps I should spin instead.

Making the Thanksgiving noodles.

Nana's best helper.

I rest my case!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Weddings, Doctors, and Family Vacations - Part One

I can't believe it has been over a month since I posted!  Where has the time gone??

Well.....In my defense,  it has been an incredible month for our family.

My youngest daughter got married!  It was a lovely, small, intimate wedding with just their children, siblings and parents.  It was beautiful.  My eldest daughter flew in for a whirlwind visit and to be "Maid of Honor" to her sister.  It was an incredibly special weekend for us all.  Here is a picture of the bride wearing a shawl made by Momma after the ceremony.

There will be many more pictures to follow.  I decided to not spend any of my precious time with family taking pictures.  There was a photographer recording the entire day.  I left it up to her and I just enjoyed myself.  However, there are hundreds of pictures to sort through.  Look out folks when I get my disc.  I am sure you will be crying ....Enough!  I am so pleased that the day went perfect for DeeDee & Todd.  We have considered Todd & his boys family for years.......but it is nice for it to "official".

At the end of the weekend, we loaded the entire family up & headed to the airport for a trip to California.  It is important to note that a 2yr old & a 3 month old handle the red-eye flight much, MUCH better than Nana & PopPop. However, we survived the overnight flight & landed at John Wayne Airport early the next morning to be met by Emily & her fiance Chris.  (This is the same eldest daughter that just flew to IL for a 30 hour visit).  We found our rental van.  It is another entire story on how difficult it is to find a minivan with 8 seatbelts! Regardless we were all in Southern California for the next big family event.

Which brings us to......Our daughter....The Doctor!

To be continued...........................