Saturday, August 20, 2011

Babies, Fair Results, Spinning, Klutziness all covered here!

So sorry I have neglected the blog for a bit.  Life sometimes gets so busy.  So to catch you up a bit....

My shawl got 3rd in its' division at the fair.  I was disappointed for bit but it was a good learning experience.

A couple of new pieces were added to the booth at Neva's.  They are hand-knit beaded necklaces from The NeuroKnitter.

 I think they are quite lovely!

I got caught up in a bit of horse trading this week.  I traded my 1st gen iPad for an Ashford Joy spinning wheel, and bought a new iPad 2.  I am sure I came out on the better end of that deal.

Today I had my first spinning lesson.  I should have warned my teacher, Cheryl from The Fiber Closet, in advance but thought "Who knows, I might be a natural at this".  Wrong!  I am still a klutz.  This may require more coordination than I have.  We will see.  We went over parts of the wheel, some basics and she turned me loose.  I am sure it was quite entertaining for her.  That she kept a straight face while watching me fumble all over the place is quite the feat.  But, at least I got started.  You can't learn a thing if you don't try.  Klutziness aside,  I quite enjoyed it.  I have visions of spinning some lovely yarn this winter.  Wonder if that is over-ambitious?

I spent a lovely afternoon with Dee & her college friend, who also just had a baby.  The babies bonded, Lily guarded her Nana from the intruders, and we had tea & cake prepared by my favorite chef!!

The stealth pattern has progressed from writing to test knitting.  It took a late night re-writing session in which I had to break out the big guns, namely chocolate & highly caffeinated tea.  I love it when a vision starts to come together.

I will leave you today with a few random questions:

1. Do you have any favorite apps, crafting or otherwise, that I might be interested in for the iPad or Android?

2. Which is your favorite method for a left-leaning decrease?

3. Do you have any recommended books/websites on pattern writing, publishing, teaching?

4.  What is on your needles, loom, wheel, etc?

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