Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beware! Ranting may follow

Let's just get this out in the open right away.

Pick your term.  I am crabby, cranky, bitchy, out of sorts, tired, pissy, irritable.  Whatever you call it.....I don't like being in this state.  And I don't have a good reason for it.  It just is!

Everything is going well in my life right now.  So what could possible be causing this.  Maybe a list will help???

1.  It's HOT.  Heat indices have been over 100 degrees for maybe 8-10 days.  It kind of wears a person down after a while.  You step outside & it smacks you up side the head, takes your breath away.  Just listen to people...they walk out of a nice air-conditioned building and everyone says "UGH".  Seriously, its a phenomenon researched

2.  I am not sleeping well.  Can't be the heat causing it because I am in an air-conditioned room.  I always have periods of insomnia & usually embrace them as a time to get extra work done, or read a good book, catch up on blog reading, etc.  But if it goes on a bit too long, I take 2 Advil & a Benadryl and sleep great.  The problem is, as I am waiting on a call from Daughter2 that Grandbaby2 has decided to appear & she needs me to come get Grandbaby1, I am afraid to medicate to sleep.  No way am I missing that call & I need to be alert to drive.

3.  Aforementioned Grandson is a bit reluctant to make his way into the world.  My daughter has reached that  stage of  " I am a week overdue, miserable and just want this pregnancy over".  She is tired, swollen, hot and also a bit crabby.  I think she has a pretty good excuse.  But she is still my baby & although there is absolutely nothing I can do for her......A momma worries.

4. Sock Summit Envy.  Sock Summit 2011 starts tomorrow and I want to be there.  Now I have known for quite a while that I wouldn't be there.  I have a grandbaby due.  It's in Portland, OR.  I can't afford or justify it right now.  But that does not lessen the fact that I really wish I was there.  All I can say is.....there better be one in 2013.  It doesn't help that I keep checking Twitter for #socksummit tweets.  I can't wait till the pictures and blog posts about it start appearing.

5. It's hot.  Did I mention that before?  This heat tends to affect my brain a bit.

6.  I haven't seen Daughter1 since April.  She lives 2000 miles away and due to final work on her PhD, she hasn't been able to make it home for her annual summer visit. I am needed here now so it will probably be mid fall before I see her in person.  Now don't get me wrong.  I talk to her nearly everyday, we share tidbits online & on the phone.  But I miss the physical connection.

7.  I have been so obsessed with creating lace objects that my other crafts are suffering.  There are just not enough hours in the day for everything I want to create.  When fiber creations run around in my head too long without an outlet, they get a bit stir crazy.  Right now there is a minor skirmish going on between a handwoven tartan baby blanket, a couple pair of socks, at least 2 lace shawls and a set of needle-felted bowls.  Since all my crafting time is being occupied with pattern writing & swatching the others have to wait and they are not real happy about it.

8.  There is an extreme heatwave going on here y'all!

9.  There is a world conspiracy against me.  Well perhaps that is a wee bit of exaggeration.  But did you ever have one of those times where life just doesn't flow?  Of course you have, we all have.  It happens all the time.  My Dr. relocated to the East Coast.  It's hard to research new Drs and find ones you have a good rapport with.  I have been having to deal with insurance a lot lately.  That is about as fun as beating your head on a brick wall. Several of my favorite products were mysteriously discontinued.  What is up with that?  I have a sneaking suspicion that a couple of my major appliances are thinking about going on strike.  Negotiations to keep them working will take money that I wish to spend elsewhere ( on a new grandson, on fiber art supplies, airplane tickets, fiber conventions, a new gadget).  Just too many such happenings for it to be a coincidence.

10.  Maybe I am just crabby.  No reason or excuse needed.  Just one of those (hopefully short) periods of time when a person a bit off.

Okay, no more whining.  Let's go with reason ten and call it a night.  After all, tomorrow is a brand new day with all new possibilities!

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  1. Oh I had fun reading that. I don't call that ranting or whining. Congratulations on your new grandson to be and sorry to hear your doctor moved. I'm surprised he didn't give you a few references. It sounds like it's as hot in Indiana as it is down here in Georgia. In terms of using Benydryl to sleep, I did that for years, It was the best sleep ever. I'm obsessed with making lace projects also, just not too good at it.

    Thanks again for the post.
    Carolyn / (blogger is not cooperating with me these days).