Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Knit Circus Spring Retreat 2012 - Day Three

Sorry for the delay.  I wrote several posts & set them to publish on a schedule.  Didn't happen.  Probably operator error.  Happens a lot around here.  


Today was my do anything, relaxing drive home day.  HA!  Never tempt the powers that be with a statement like that.

First up I visited Brennan's Market across the street from my hotel.  I wanted to pick up some lovely cheese & produce to take home with me.  Amy  (at least I think it was Amy) recommended their cheese that has grill marks on it?  Have to tell you....that one is delicious! After you warm it in the microwave for a few sort of tastes just like the baked, gooey cheese on top of my homemade lasagna.  I picked up several goodies, including possibly the best oranges I have ever had & moved on to the next stop

....The Wisconsin Craft Market.  Oh my goodness....What a store!!  I do believe they have every color of Cascade there is.  I was quite overwhelmed.  It is worth the visit just for this, let alone all the other yarns, tools and supplies.

With an eye to the sky, I decided to start for home.  There were numerous reports of strong storms heading my way.  I hit the interstate heading south.  The radar looked ominous so I just kept driving.  I quickly learned not to watch the rear view mirror too closely.  Lightening & wickedness were right behind me.  I began to feel a sense of relief as I thought I was out running the storms.  I thought a quick visit to Sam's Club in Champaign would be fine.  I ran in got a couple things, came out and the world was green.  That eerie, creepy, calm green like some major bad mojo was about to descend on us.  Once again I was on the road and once again I was lucky enough to stay ahead of the storms.  

I cruised into the garage and made it to the house just as the rains began.  I think that was a first for me.  I outran the storm from Madison Wisconsin all the way to central Illiana, 315 miles!  Crazy luck huh.....hmm, I probably should have bought a lottery ticket.

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