Saturday, April 7, 2012

A New Store!

I am venturing into the realm of coding while building a new store hosted here on the blog.

I alternate between giddiness at the joy of it & beating my head on the desk.

The store front will be open periodically this weekend as I work through adding products.  I am adding the commercial products first.  So far I am carrying a few high quality products that I love.



                    After I take care of work out the bugs, I will start adding the fiber art pieces.

If you see something that you want to order & you have issues doing so...send me an email at

Or as always, the studio/shop is open by appointment (see contact tab above) and I will be at various shows in the Midwest starting in mid April.

I hope to have a calendar up on a tab at the top of the blog soon. It will list the shows & events I will be attending.

Back to work now.  I think I will move to the deck to work for a while.  That should make it seem like a holiday weekend right??

Hope you all have a beautiful, relaxing weekend.    

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