Friday, March 2, 2012

Mischievous &^*%$# Yarn Elves!!

That's a bold title....right?  Let me start at the beginning to explain why & by the end I am sure you will agree that I used incredible restraint in composing it.

Once upon a time I bought 2 skeins of Malabrigo Silky Merino in Atadecer .

Isn't it just lovely?  The softness, the colors, it is magnificent.

I quickly cast on a project. (You didn't think I could wait, did you?)

The pattern I chose just was not doing justice to the incredible yarn so
I ripped it out & decided to think about a better pattern choice.

Meanwhile, my daughter was home for a visit.  Since she is just wild for Malabrigo & these are her colors...I gave her the untouched skein as a gift.  She immediately decided she must knit another Clapotis (pattern by Kate Gilbert).  I naturally told her "go right ahead, If you need it...I have another skein".
Em's 1st Clapotis

Did you catch that??? Those simple words are like a gauntlet thrown down to the "Yarn Elves.  It was a call to action & little did I know tiny, mean-spirited elves were gathering in the stash room. (No pictures allowed in the stash room...could be incriminating).

So as was bound to happen, Em called & said she was going to need that second skein.  I naively told her "No problem.  I will mail it right out"!  I went to get it & it wasn't where I thought it should be.  Now unfortunately this is not really uncommon so no worries yet.  I searched a bit more but was kind of busy so thought I will find it later.  If I had stopped to listen I would have heard fiendish elf laughter in the background.

Fast forward a bit and Em calls again..."Mom, did you mail that yarn?"  Time to get serious.  I proceeded to tear the stash room apart looking for it.  It is simply not there.  By now I am beginning to question my sanity. I even called  Klose Knit where I purchased it to find out if I truly did purchase two skeins. I did & they don't have anymore of has been a while.

So I did the only thing I could.  I went online to buy another.  You know what's coming next right???

NO ONE has any left!!!  Finally I found ONE skein at JimmyBeans.  I bought it so fast it it would make your head spin.  They shipped it directly to Em.  So that problem is solved.

Naturally, I called my friend & LYS owner Cheryl for re-assurance that I was not really losing my mind.  She said, & I quote " You know....Now that you bought more you are going to trip right over that lost skein."

More snickering from the stash room as a plot is hatched to see how far they can take this nonsense.

The very next morning,  I get up and drag myself cheerily make my way toward the kitchen where the lovely "caffeine elves" live.  As I passed through the dining room, I stop dead in my tracks.  Laying right in the middle of the floor ............THE FREAKING BALL OF MISSING MALABRIGO.  I truly did nearly trip right over it.  Right there in the middle of the floor where I had just vacuumed the day before. Thank you so much Cheryl for helping them in their plan to drive me completely insane.

Guilty by association ball of Malabrigo trying to look all innocent!

If you listen very carefully you can hear the echoes of maniacal fiendish yarn elf laughter punctuated by the sound of  me beating my head against the desk.  Sad....Just so sad.

PS. If you need me, I will be in the stash room plotting my revenge trying to appease the

"Mischievous &^*%$# Yarn Elves"


  1. You know, there is a bonus. You now have your very own "slightly" used ball of Malabrigo all to yourself. The elves were just rewarding you for being such a loving Mom.

  2. She's such a loving mom, I will let her have the new skein and I'll take the slightly used one!