Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sickness & Fair Isle...What a combo!

Hello Blogosphere.  Unfortunately, I have caught the same nasty virus that every one else on 3 continents has.  So don't get too close.  It is powerful enough that it very well could be contagious through the internet.  It has certainly laid me a bit low this past week.  So just a quick note before I am back to my puny, futile attempts to kick this thing.

I have been knitting.  I swear I have.  I am just not getting anywhere.

I started out to make a simple slip stitch baby hat.

I had my swatch ------------>

The hat would include at least one, maybe all three of these patterns.

But then .......
  <---------------this arrived in the mail.

This incredible book is 200 Fair Isle Motifs: A Knitter's Directory by Mary Jane Mucklestone.  More on it later.

And since the ribbing was already
done for the baby hat,
it quickly turned into this------------------------->

I am not even sure who the hat will be for, just that I needed to start knitting something stranded immediately.  A quick look through the book found several motifs that would work with the stitch count I already had on the needles.

I always forget from one project to the next how much I love Fair Isle!!

I fear this one beautiful book will fuel my obsession for months to come.  It is chock full of motifs, patterns,  tips & tricks for working with and combining Fair-Isle motifs.  It truly takes the mystery out of stranded color work.  Remember .... you are only knitting with two colors at a time in any row.  The book has the most vivid beautiful color photos of every motif.  There is a simple break down of the motif chart, columns to illustrate the color changes and clear photos of each swatch.  The motifs are arranged by stitch count and row count making combinations so very easy to put together to take your Fair-Isle knitting to the next level.

Ok, that's enough for tonight.  Back to my knitting nest on the sofa.  Only one more day to kick this before real life takes over again.

Till next time..........May your days be fun & filled with fiber.


PS:  Finished hat will be modeled next week when I am well enough to have the grandkids over.

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