Sunday, July 17, 2011

Welcome to Regina's Fiber Art Blog!!

Welcome to Regina's Fiber Art Blog!

First a bit of background info.  I am a fiber artist specializing in weaving, knitting and needle-felting.  Living in a very rural area, the internet is a true blessing for me.  It has opened up the entire world of fiber art to me.  If I could only take my inspiration from my immediate work would all be the color of corn fields, just spring/summer greens & fall/winter browns as far as the eye can see.  While brown & green are perfectly fine colors, I naturally prefer lots of bright bursts of color.

My field of dreams!

I have an Etsy store, Cozy Hearth Creations with my daughter Emily where we sell bits & pieces of our current craft obsessions ( and occasionally home made candy when my fudge making frenzy strikes).  By the way, you really should check out Emily's blog: The Narrations of A Neuro Knitter.  Her writing is so entertaining, even if I am her mother ; )

I also maintain a vendor booth at Neva's Antiques & Hand-Crafted Gallery in Rockville, Indiana ( Home of the world famous Parke County Covered Bridge Festival).  I share a booth with Cheryl Moreo, owner of The Fiber Closet also in Rockville.  Cheryl & I met through her shop but developed our wonderful friendship through our love of all crafts, fibers, techniques, traveling to shows together, and our wonderful geekiness when it comes to new gadgets.

Creative Friends Booth @ Neva's

I walk a very fine line between spending too much time on the internet and my creating of fiber works.  To heck with housework.  It is just always there....lurking, chastising, trying to creep in my mind.  But so far, I do a great job of ignoring it.

I hope you enjoy my blog posts.  I plan to post often about my adventures in fiber art with occasional tidbits from my personal life (As an example, I am anxiously awaiting the birth of my second grandchild, Liam, who is due next week).  Comments are always welcome but please be nice.  I am the sensitive type, you know?

See you next time when I plan to start filling you in on my summer fiber adventures...........unless something else hijacks my mind.

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