Wednesday, July 20, 2011


This is one of those times that personal life got in the way of fiber art blogging.  I had a minor car issue yesterday and needed to travel 1.5 hours from home (each way) to my mechanic today.  I decided to be efficient and combine lots of other errands into the trip so I only lost one full day.

Naturally, I had to do this on the hottest day of the year so far.

Check out the picture below.  This is why I am wiped out and intend to spend the rest of my evening sitting in front of a fan sipping a frozen strawberry adult beverage and perhaps doing just a bit of knitting.
Yes indeed.  The temperature was 104 @ 5 pm!!

And for those concerned about my safe driving habits....I was stopped @ a long, long red light.

However, just so you don't think my day was a complete bust.  I was able to include this little adventure.

Took my grand-daughter to "test-drive" some cars at her favorite store.
We did not buy today....Nana had sticker shock!!
Princess wave

This is the one Nana!

Shortly after this she decided she needed a doughnut & chocolate milk. Much more in my price range.

So I am pretty much done for the day.  Tomorrow is group day at The Fiber Closet.  I hope to spend the entire day with Cheryl working on so many fun projects.  We usually do a bit of social media and event planning (sometimes just dreaming). Later there is lunch, weaving group from 1-3 pm and knitting group from 3-6 pm.

With a little luck I will be back to fibery musings tomorrow.

PS.  The shawl is blocked and photographed.  Turned out great.  I'll fill you in soon.

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