Friday, September 28, 2012

New Focus?

So, here's the deal.  I seem to really suck at having to write about specific events.

This is obvious by how much I didn't write about over the summer. I could have told you all about the Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival, my daughters wedding & PhD ceremony, TNNA, family celebrations, the birth of a new grandbaby, designing, knitting, weaving, etc. Now I had no one telling me what I had to write.  I just thought that was the direction I wanted to go.  Apparently I was wrong.

Therefore, I think I am going to just start putting up random daily posts about whatever crosses my mind while I am typing.  That way ya'll can see just how wacky & crazy my daily life is....or how boring.

This image is pretty accurate on my feelings about cleaning.
So on with the show for today.

Today I cleaned and organized myself a bit.  

The annual Covered Bridge Festival in Parke County Indiana starts 2 weeks from today.  I have a booth there (behind the Fiber Closet, in Rockville).  So far I don't have that much to display/sell in it.  I need to put in some serious crafting time to be ready.  Today was about getting my self ready for the big push to get everything done.  I always say I work best under pressure.  We will see.

I hope to just post a little something everyday.  Maybe a bit of a countdown to the start of the festival.  Let me know if you are enjoying any of it.

It should be a fun time.


Ps.  You are NOT off the hook on all those  pictures & stories about my summer.  It's just that you will get to read them when that is what my mind is thinking about. But here are a couple of tidbits that were on my mind today.

Easy Peasy Mac & Cheese

Layer these in order in a 9x13 pan

2 cups of dry macaroni
1 stick of butter/oleo cut into pats
1 handful of mozzarella cheese
2 handfuls of shredded cojack cheese (or your favorite)
About 5 cups of milk

Bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees.


Pictures of a recent lunch outing with Liam ( 1 yr old )

"Really Nana, We're at Steak & Shake & you gave me crackers??"

I will smile for chili & fries!

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